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About Trainers Institute - Trainers Institute

Who are we?

The Trainers Institute started in Denmark in 2015. In Denmark it’s called TrænerAkademiet.

Who are we?


We have over 400 students attending our courses in Denmark pr. year which makes us on of the largest Training Providers in Denmark.

We’re an international accredited training provider within EREPS and Europe Active.

We have educated personal trainers, Health Coaches and Nutrition Coaches for all the largest fitness clubs in Denmark. SATS, Fitness World, Sport og Fitness ect.

We’ve education and supported students who are fulltime personal trainers and Health Coaches today. The people behind as well as all the instructors are working within the fitness and health industry themselves. It’s your assurance that we all know how it is to build a business and having clients. We don’t just talk the talk – we walk the talk.

Our mission is to create a new approach to the health ad fitness industry where the focus is on the client. High standard on applied knowledge creates value for our customers and thereby their clients. It’s important to us to update our curriculum so it’s always up to date. We think we should raise the standard within this industry, and we take pride in constantly trying to evolve along side with your students.


Søren Fruerlund

Instructor for personal trainers, Health Coaches, Perception Coaches and Nutrition Coaches.

My name is Søren and I’m Head of education and an instructor at the Trainers Institute.

I’ve worked full time as a personal trainer since 2010. Besides that, I’ve worked as a Club Manager at SATS and been a part of a group who was responsible for developing Personal training in SATS Denmark.

Beside the Trainer Institute I own Fruerlund Care in Aarhus where we work with chronic illnesses, rehabilitation, coaching and performance. Usually with complex case histories. I’m a part of the CHEK Institute as well as a mentor for the CHEK Academy.

It’s important for me that we share the knowledge and experience we get to help as many people as we can without loosing quality. That is why we started the Trainers Institute (TrænerAkademiet) in 2015. We hope our students get a great experience and get the feeling that we take them seriously.


– Personal trainer
– Manuel therapist
– CHEK Integrated movement science Level 1-4
– CHEK Holistic lifestyles coach level 2

Relevant experience:

– Full time personal trainer since 2010
– Development of personal training (SATS)
– CHEK Practitioner and owner of Fruerlund Care – clients with IBS, chronic fatigue, infertility,
depression, stress ect.
– Mentorships and business development

Patrick Nielsen

Sales and business development and CEO.

Everything is possible with the right education but it’s your own responsibility to create the opportunities.
Through business development and sales I teach you on how to create the best possible business for you.

– Masters in Business Administration

Relevant experience:
– Founder of Trainers Academy (TrænerAkademiet)
– Head of personal training (Fitness DK – in a two-man group)
– Concept development (Fitness DK and ATwork)

Rune Degn

Instructor for personal trainers, Health Coaches and Nutrition Coaches.

My name is Rune and I’m an instructor at the Trainers Institute.

I teach because I would like to create a higher standard within the fitness industry. It’s important for me to make sure my students the best possible start on their career. Therefor it’s important to give them the right tools.

Beside my work at the Trainers Institute I work as a CHEK Practitioner and personal trainer at Fruerlund Care which is in Aarhus. We work with a holistic approach with our clients. It can be with focus on diet, sleeping habits, stress managing, mobility and strength training.


– Cand. Scient in Sport Science at Aarhus University
– CHEK Integrated Movement Science Level 3
– CHEK Holistic Lifestyle coach Level 2
– Precision Nutrition

Relevant experience
– Personal trainer since 2016
– Fulltime CHEK Practitioner since 2018 working with clients with dietary changes

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