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Nutrition Coach - Kostvejleder | Træner Akademiet

Nutrition Coach – Dietitian

Learn the science of nutrition and how to best help others generate life-changing results.

Nutrition Coach – a dietitian education which gives you the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of nutrition. Among other things, you will learn how diet relates to training, energy level, cognitive function, immune system and the ability to generate results for your clients as well as yourself. The educational programme is adapted to your everyday life – everything takes place online, incl. support.

Does this sound like the right education for you? And is it your dream to gain deeper insight into the connection between body and diet?

Why take the Nutrition Coach education?

Our clear vision is to help you develop your knowledge and skills within nutrition. We will develop your ability to help your clients achieve their lifestyle changes.

You will gain in-depth knowledge of the body and the importance of the nutrition we consume. 

We will start all the way down at cell level – what happens inside the cell – and proceed all the way up to the complete human organism. We will teach you how the body works in everyday life and what happens to the food we consume. We will look at the processes that ensure that the food we eat is broken down and converted into energy inside the body. The syllabus also covers elements of biochemistry.

Initially, the focus will be on theory, and then we will move from theory to practice, including practical implementation. It is important that you teach this theory to your clients and determine the best possible way to help them.

You can watch every lesson as many times as you want so you can feel confident that you did not miss anything.

Study at your own pace wherever and whenever you want

The Nutrition Coach programme is very flexible since the lessons are taken at your convenience.
You can access this database for up to 12 months from your registration date.


Online exams

After each chapter, there will be an exam where you test your new knowledge. You will need 80 % correct answers to advance to the next chapter.


Access to educational videos

As a Nutrition Coach student, you will be able to watch all our lessons over and over again. You can access them for 12 months from your registration date. 


Online support group

During the education, you can write to our online support group if you have any questions about the lesson topics.


Who is Nutrition Coach suitable for?

Whether you:

  • Are an experienced personal trainer
  • Are a fitness instructor with many years in the business
  • Are new to the fitness industry
  • Work with people and are interested in helping others
  • Want to improve your knowledge of nutrition
  • Are just passionate about health

Then this is an education that takes the dietician education to the next level. Not only will you learn more about how diet actually works, but you will also gain insight into how you, as a Nutrition Coach/dietitian, can help your clients achieve a healthier everyday life.

How does the programme work?

From the moment you sign up for the Nutrition Coach programme, you get immediate access to every lesson plus your online textbook and assessment tools. This means that you can start learning the instant you receive the material.

How do I study optimally?

To optimise your learning, we recommend the following sequence: 

  1. Read the chapter
  2. Read the chapter and take notes
  3. Watch the lesson
  4. Take the exam for the chapter

This is a recommendation and of course not a requirement. Our experience shows that this is the best way for most students to learn.

Nutrition Coach Level 1 & 2

Final exam

When you have been through all the lessons, you will take the final multiple-choice exam. Once passed, you will receive a case to be delivered within 24 hours of receipt. This case is thus sent at the end of Level 2. Once you have passed this, you will be a Nutrition Coach.

Once you are certified as a Nutrition Coach, you will receive an official certificate as proof of your skills and knowledge concerning:

  • Cells
  • Structure and function
  • Digestion and absorption (use in the body)
  • From mouth to use 
  • Energy systems
  • Energy balance
  • Macronutrients
  • Micronutrients
  • Fluids
  • Current trends
  • Coaching and implementing dietary habits

This certification also gives access to the Perception Coach programme. Read more about it here.

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