Nutrition Coach

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We offer you an opportunity to be a Nutrition Coach with an education that fits your schedule. 

You’ll get access to our platform where you’ll need to take the lessons one by one. After each you’ll get a multiple choice to make sure you’re learning something. You’ll need to answer 80 % or more correct to pass on to the next level.

If you have some difficulties or have questions – we’ll have online support each day Monday till Friday. 

It’s made in two level. 

After level two you know what effect nutrition has on our health and how to implement it. You’ll learn that one size – fits one. 

You’ll also get access to Perception Coach which will launch in 2021 in Sweden. 

When you sign up for Nutrition Coach, you’ll get access right away. You have 12-month access to all the lessons and support. Most students take 2-3 month to pass the course. 


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Overview of lessons

Level 1

One level 1 we’re focusing on the hard-core applicable theory.

You will get knowledge on how the organism functions in a cellular level, digestion and use of nutrition, energy systems, macronutrients, water ect.

One this level you get to understand the basics on nutrition and learn how to apply it in an effective and useful way for your client.

Which food to choose? What is important compared to their goal? How does absorption work for micro- and macronutrients?

These answers are just a few you’ll get the answer for on level 1.

Level 2

At this level we’re looking at the implementation and reflection of level 1. Including the coaching between you and your client.

Motivation – internal vs. external – is differentiated and discussed.
High standard on reflection and focus on one size fits one. We’re also looking at the most popular trends such as Paleo, LCHF, IF and more.

You’ll create an awareness of your own approach as a Nutrition Coach. Why do we pick these solutions and are they the right one for that specific client?

After level 2 you’re ready to apply dietary advice with coaching in focus.

More applied knowledge creates better results.

Overview of lessons

Level 1


Online lessons: 45
Preparation and study: 20



Structure and function

Digestion and absorption

From mouth to use
Energy systems
Why and how

Energy balance

Intake vs. use

Macronutrients – structure and use

Micronutrients – structure and use
Hvorfor og hvordan – anvendelse

From what, why and how much

Level 2

Online lessons: 25
Preparation and study: 30


Level 1


  1. Coaching
    How to apply in your daily work in an understandable way for your clients
    Gathering of information
    Dietary advice for the client
    Goal setting
  1. Trends
    IF, LCHF, Detox and Paleo.
    Pros and cons
    Professional approach to trends


Practical information:

Length and access
Up to 12-month access – average estimated time for the course is 2-3 month

You’ll have access 24 hours every day.

Method of teaching:
Online including support

Final exam

Multiple choice and a case (24 hours) – online

Qualification for: Perception Coach. More info december 2020.

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