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Perception Coach


Do you have a deep wish – a dream – to help those people where a diet plan or training is not always enough? Do you want to develop our skills on top of being a personal trainer or NutritionCoach? Then PerceptionCoach is for you.

You get in-depth knowledge of behaviors, habits and why we as humans can struggle to change our behavior.

Why don’t we necessarily do what we know is good for us?

There are many habits, patterns of behaviour and reaction that are entrenched in us from our ancestors that are not beneficial in a modern society. Learn how it characterizes our choices and how you as a PerceptionCoach can give clients the right tools to investigate their own behavior for long term results.

This training is going to shift your mindset in such a way that it’s unavoidable that you’ll have a personal gain as well.

Two steps up as a NutritionCoach or for you as an EREPS Certified personal trainer – become a PerceptionCoach.

Save you seat now – in Sweden in 2021. Dates will be announced in December 2020.

Subjects, Part 1

  1. Behaviour
    – Reptilian, primate or modern human?
    – Why do we behave as we do?
  2. Lifestyle
    – Modern Life
    – Relations and Expectations
  3. Habits
    – Why do we have habits?
    – Why are habits hard to break?
    – Changed focus
  4. Stigma
    – A helping hand or a push beyond the edge?
  5. Perception psychology and philosophy
    – What’s right and wrong?
    – Utilitarianism or reasoning,
    – What does it mean in a relationship – including coaching?
  6. Empowerment
    – How to strengthen our decisions
    – Responsibility and power are intertwined

Subjects, part 2

  1. Verbal and nonverbal communication
    – How do we communicate
    – Consciousness to consciousness
    – consciousness to subconscious
    – Subconscious to Subconscious
    – Subconscious to Consciousness
  2. Behavior based on subconscious
    – Reading behavior based on subconscious
    – Patterns based on the subconscious through the subjective experience
  1. Perception and understanding
    – Perception vs. understanding and Nonverbal Communication
    – From first-hand impressions to the core


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Overview of lessons


Classroom: 65 (2 x 4 days – dates are yet to come – save you seat now).
Home Studies: 65

NutritionCoach or EREPS Certified Personal trainer

Final exam
Case is sent for assessment within 60 days of the last day of teaching. Containing:

  1. Completed schemas from client
  2. Notes and video from initial conversation between you and client. The duration of the film must be between 10-15 minutes.
  3. Your assessment of the client based on schedules and interviews
  4. Your actions and plans that you make for the client
  5. Status 1 month later
  6. Your reflections on the progress so far and the cooperation in the future.
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